Welcome to my website!

Hi and welcome! Good to have you here.


I was just checking the statistics of people visiting my website and then I noticed that the number of people outside the Netherlands that recently have visited my website has increased. More and more often also people from countries where they mainly speak English, like the UK and Northern America come to my website. For those people I have decided to also put up an English page on my website, a translation of the 'official' homepage from Dutch into English, but also a little bit about the navigation through the site and stuff like that.


So, Welcome to my website.

I'll start with a little introduction and tell you the reason why I decided to set up this website.

In my spare time I like to paint and draw. Since a year or two I think I am also developing my computer skills to design digital works in my style.

I have always been amazed by the work of M. C. Escher, I think as long as I can remember.
I know, way back in time when I was younger I wished and hoped for myself that I would, some time, some day, also be able to make works that are kind of comparable to the works of Escher.
I have never intended to copy his work, but was and still am inspired by his style.
Impressed by the incredible patience this man must have during the creation of his art works and I love the way his art works makes you look at it and then when you look again it lets you see other details you did not see the first time.


The funniest thing about my own works to me is people sometimes ask me: what exactly did you make? And then they name up some things they see in it.
Different people most of the times see different things in the same art work.
I like it when art makes you think and wonder what could this be. There is no good nor bad answer.

I like to show people a small part of my imaginary world that is filled with bright and happy colours and where sometimes nothing seems to be what it is, just depending on the way you look at it.

The essence of art is imagination, like imagination is also art.

People asked me more often where they can find my work, this has also been a big drive 'behind the scene' to set up this website. To give those people that are interested in my works and who would like to see more of it a place to go to.

So then Ro0sz.nl was born and I hope you will enjoy looking at my works as much as I did when I was creating them and I hope to see you back some time. I tend to regularly update this website and add new art works (on average every 2 to 3 weeks).


Anyway, as I was saying I put up this page in English to make it a little easier for those people that do not speak the Dutch language. Beneath this text you will find a few buttons, they are translated into English and will lead you to the parts of the website according the text on the button.


So images I am showing through my website are to be found by clicking 'RosArt' in the menu. In the next part I have added a list containing the name of some buttons that are used on my website. Next to every button/explanation text there is also the translation of what is on the button and a short explanation of what you may find behind the button. The explanatory description for each button revers to the button that is shown above the text. Clicking on any of the translated buttons will lead you straight to the page where the button comes from.


I think I forgot to tell you where you can find the menu. It is at the top of the website when you are visiting my website through your browser using a desktop or laptop. When you are on your phone and perhaps this is also the same on tablets, you have a few stripes on a button on the upper right or upper left part on the top of every page, just click it and the menu will reveal to you its buttons.

Click this button if you would like to see some of my works that include CATS.

I also made some mixed art work that consists out of acrylic painting, markers, pencils and some pop eyes glued on the surface. The next button will lead you to CROCODILES.

Next on the list are MICE. All kind of mice showing different hand gestures or holding objects in their hands. 

MULTIVARIANT means I could not immediately classify the work into one category. Most likely because there are more objects and I have not decided yet which one would be the 'main object'  or somewhat be more important than the rest or something like that. 

Funny, sad, mad, happy, shocked and wondering emotions showing on the heads of rhinos. Made it a triplet by using different colours for each one the works. Just white rhinoes, black, white and grey rhinoes and how I myself like them the most: RHINOES with happy and bright colours.

Then we get an unfinished work of ELEPHANTS. It misses the colouring. This is a digital art work using Photoshop. It is not perfect yet, but a coloured version of it will soon follow.

Last on the menu list, but definitely not the last one of my works (yes, there is more to come!), contains WHALES.

I hope this page in English had helped you to navigate around the website a somewhat easier.

More of my work can be easily seen by clicking in the menu for 'RosArt', Not all of the works online have been named on this page, yet. But if you go to RosArt and use the menu that is shown to you you can use the links there and see all of the images anyhow.



If you are English and you have any tips or hints how I could make you visit to my website better, please contact me. I am open to all kinds of hints, suggestions, replies and support. I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know what you think is good or what could do better or what-so-ever.


Here ends this story to my English speaking visitors. I have tried my best to make this a understandable/readable text. English is not my native language and I know there are mistakes in the grammar. It is okay though and if it's not: I can always tell myself that my English is better than your Dutch probably ever will be (just joking).


You could leave a reply down here through the reply message box. The form asks you to fill in an e-mailaddress, this is to make sure you are human. Your e-mailaddress will not be visible to anyone else, but me.


Thanks for the visit and please stop by again sometime soon, because there is definitely more to come!!


Kind regards,


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